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August 28, 2007
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"Eyaaahhhh!!!" Haruko cried as she was pinned down. One person pinned each arm down, and two other people were pinning her legs down over her head. She grit her teeth, trying to overpower her attackers, but it was no use, she was just too tired.


Counted one of her attackers. Haruko was in the living room of her own house, having a mock match on the floor with all four of her brothers. They all managed to keep her down for three seconds right before Haruko sprung free of the boys' trap. Haruko laid face down on her stomach panting heavily before looking looking at her neko brothers. They were only about a year or two younger than her, but they all loved to do little matches like this.

"Yes! we got her! now lets continue this!" Akio announced proudly, looking to his other three brothers as their sister just got eliminated. He tried to pretend he was unwinded, but was failing miserably.

Hotaka looked up at his eager brother, his hands on his knees, trying to regain his breath.

"How about... how about we postpone this?" He suggested breathlessly. Akio frowned at his suggestion, but then he looked at his other two brothers, Isamu and Jiro, who looked equally tuckered out. Once Akio saw all three were in agreement, he gave in as well, flopping onto his rear with a thump against the carpet.

"Yeah... I'm beat..." He admitted. He exhaled sharply, then looked to his older sister, shaking his head slowly in disbelief. "You're.... you're really something else, sis."

Akio admitted. Haruko offered a weak smile, trying to catch her breath. Their matches always went like this, with Akio, Hotaka, Isamu, and Jiro going after their older sister. Haruko didn't really know many wrestling moves, but every time it took all four brothers to pin her down and eliminate her, but then they would end up too tired to fight each other afterwards.

"Yeah, you really can last a long while" Isamu chimed in, nodding in agreement. Hotaku just shook his head with a small smile.

"It seems every time we have to pull everything we got altogether just to take you down... then we're all tired afterwards..." Hotaku commented.

They all took care of each other in the house they lived in. Haruko was 18, Akio and Hotaku were 17, Isamu was 16, and Jiro was 15. They all provided for each other in their own ways, but in reality they only barely scrapped through. Despite all this, they were all pretty happy together.

Recently, however, money was getting thinner than ever and they were running out of food. They were starting to get desperate for a way of income. They had all come up with different ideas, but nothing ever seemed to work. All five of the nekos were looking at each other, and Haruko had a feeling she knew what was going through all of their minds. As much as she hated to say it, she wasn't really sure what to do either.

"Hey wait, I got an idea!" Jiro chirped up. "I know a way we could gain some money AND have a lot of fun doing it too!"

Akio cocked an eyebrow at his little brother, but he shrugged, deciding his idea couldn't be as bad as some others they thought out. "What is it, Jiro?" He asked.

Jiro turned to Akio. "Well, we all wrestle with each other to have fun and all, What if we all tried out for wrestling professionally?" He suggested. The four looked at him incredulously at first, but then the idea started to grow on them. Haruko noticed the other three starting to agree with Jiro's idea, sadly.

"Uh.. Jiro, it really sounds like a good idea and all, but I don't think any league will allow minors." Haruko informed them. She hated to crush Jiro's idea like that, but reality was reality.

Hotaku thought on this for a minute, then looked back at her. "Well then, how about you try out for wrestling?" He suggested. The other three agreed with that idea. Haruko's eyes widened, gesturing her arms in protest. "What, m-me? I couldn't possibly-" She started to say, but then she saw the serious looks on all four of their faces. "But I... I don't really know any wrestling moves or anything! I'm not sure if what I pull even effects any of you for real."

Haruko protested. Akio looked up at her, looking her in the eyes. "It takes all four of us to pin you down. Even if you end up not knowing any wrestling moves, you can still outlast the opponent, I'm sure of that."

He assured her. Haruko was lost for words, but finally gave in to the boys' idea.



Haruko began her search for a wrestling league to join. She looked through newspapers, used the internet at her local library and even tried looking up a phonebook. She had found out a few different leagues, but when she went over to try to apply, they took one look at her and laughed her out of the building. Just when she was starting to lose hope, she came across a league she liked the sound of. It was called AGW, which stood for All Girls Wrestling. She figured the 'no boys allowed' thing would be kind of fun, and would reduce risk of being harassed sexually. She walked into the arena and began asking around for the manager. Once she found the door to the general manager's office, she summoned up her courage and rapped on the door a few times.

"Come in!" Came a voice from inside. Haruko opened the door and stepped inside. The room was dimly lit, but there was still a lot to take in as she walked towards the desk; posters on the wall, plaques of retired titles, and then on the back wall behind the manager's chair was a picture of the general manager herself, dressed in formal clothing.

The manager turned her chair around to see... a small catgirl. She raised an eyebrow down at her. "Are you lost, miss?" She asked her. The manager had chestnut hair, and green eyes, and was dressed in a suit. She had an approachable expression to her, but at the same time, she looked like someone she shouldn't try to cross either. Haruko cleared her throat, shaking her head.

"Er.. no, I'm not lost. I..I live a few blocks away from here and I was hoping-"

"No." The manager interrupted her. Haruko stared at her in disbelief for a second.

"Please! I've searched everywhere! I..I have four brothers to feed and we're really getting desperate. I'll.. I'll do anything to sign up!" She declared in a desperate tone.

The manager looked down at her for a moment with a raised eyebrow. "Anything?" She repeated. Haruko nodded in response. She slowly started to smile, getting an idea in her mind. "Hmmm... all right, I think we can work something out. My name is Alice Schurter, but call me Ms. Schurter, or boss. And you are?"

Haruko swallowed hard, not sure she liked the look Schurter gave her, but she said nothing about it. "Haruko. Haruko Hitamura."

"Well, Miss Hitamura, let me tell you that this isn't an easy gig. You'd better be ready to work out your body and be ready to put it on the line in whatever match you get assigned to." Haruko merely nodded in response. "I am, Ms. Schurter." She replied. Alice smiled, amused she had gotten it down so quick. "All right then... however I don't believe you really understand what you're getting yourself into. Therefore, I'm putting you up against our champ and-"

"WHAT?!" Haruko exclaimed, but the manager merely put up a hand to tell her to let her finish.

"And if you still want to join us even after the hell she'll no doubt put you through, you're welcome to stay." She offered. Haruko felt a lump in her throat, about to back down, but then remembered why she came here.

"I'll do it." Haruko decided. Alice smiled in response.

"Good. If you walk out of my office and go down a couple of doors, you'll find plenty of outfits to choose from. Don't worry, they're all clean and unused." She smirked. Haruko looked at her oddly, but then bowed to her.

"Thank you, Ms. Schurter, I.. I really appreciate it." Alice merely put her hand up again to silence her.

"Now go, your match starts in twenty minutes." She declared. Haruko spun around, her face in shock, but she stopped herself from saying anything, managing to muster a nod before walking out. Now that she had actually gotten the job, it was all becoming real to her. Her palms were getting sweaty, and she felt her heart jumping up into her throat. Negative thoughts began rushing through her mind a mile a minute. What was she doing here? She couldn't stand out in front of that crowd, and against the champ? She was going to be dead meat!

"Stop it."

She told herself, pushing the panicked thoughts away with a deep breath. She walked into the dressing room that the boss had directed her to. She saw a few racks in front of her, all of them full of various outfits she could wear. She stepped towards them, and began looking through the racks of costumes and outfits. Some looked too glittery, others looked too skimpy. She knew it had to breathe though, otherwise she would be sweating bullets on top of the ones just from how nervous she would be out there. She had finally decided on something, a basic black bra and bikini.

She looked at it for a moment with a frown. She didn't really like the idea standing out there with most of her body exposed like this, but then she remembered her opponent, and probably most wrestlers, ended up dressing this way as well, whether they wanted to or not. Besides, the black clothing went nice with her blonde hair. She sighed, and gave in, starting to change into it. Once she was done changing, she looked at herself in the mirror. It was revealing, yes, but not to the point where it looked skimpy. In fact, it looked nicer on her than she thought it would, going nice with her bright blue eyes and blonde hair. She started to smile a little, but then she shook her head.

"All right... doing this for my siblings..." She assured herself, hearing the announcer mention something about a new wrestler. She was up. The shock really got to her for a second, feeling her heart beat up into her throat again. She shut her eyes tightly, the whole thing becoming real to her again as she walked through the backstage and approached a set of stairs that would go up to the entrance ramp of the arena. She almost slipped and fell when she grabbed the rails to climb up the stairs, her hands slick with sweat, but she managed to catch herself and stepped up onto the entrance ramp. Her eyes looked on in awe at the large crowd around the ring. She felt like she was about to have a heart attack.


The announcer shouted just as Haruko stepped out onto the stage. She gasped at the size of the crowd before her. She shut her eyes, swallowing loudly once more and slowly made her way down the ramp, rolling cautious into the ring and basically crept into her corner. She was curious as to who the champion of this league was, hoping it was someone nice. Little did she know, she was about to go up against quite possibly the most spoiled and snooty woman in the league.
This is another story I had in my mind. I noticed there weren't very many wrestling stories, so I decided I would make one myself.

I will be using a lot of pics for other opponents and such. I will say this in every part, but I am not claiming any of the pics as my own, nor do I claim ownership in them in anyway. I did not draw them, I did not design them, I just would rather find a picture rather than think up of a long description. I'm not that creative with appearances anyways. Fashion and clothing ish not my thing, nope.
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Hello i read the story and i love the descriptions the characters, and the level of detail i love it thanks a million for sharing
Xion100 Oct 11, 2010
show the rest this story you cantjust leave it at the beging
Er.. I have 8-9 other parts out in my gallery.
Xion100 Oct 12, 2010
Finally got around to reading the first part of this story line. Pretty cool, didn't know Haruko had brothers? When reading the story I was thinking they were in their early teens, not just a year younger or two. She's gotta be a tough girl with 4 very lucky brothers!
A compelling back story for Haruko, a character I've always rooted for ever since I (through Haruka as an "intermediary") first encountered her.

No problem. I like your stories. Engaging. Plus, Haruko's a fave chara of mine. [link]
That just took me to the DA main page.
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